Ammie Kessem hosts “Cops for Kessem” Event at The Nest Bar – Dunning

19th District Candidate shows Dunning Some Love.

Saturday October 13th, 2018

Ammie Kessem, Republican Candidate for the 19th District State Representative, hosted, “Cops for Kessem” event at The Nest Bar & Eatery located at 6859 W Irving Park Road.

The party room was filled to the brim with Kessem supporters and event included some local celebrities such as 41st Ward Alderman AnthonyNapolitano, Former Alderman of the 41st Ward Brian Dougherty and local area political analyst Russ Stewart. 

Ammie Kessem gave a captivating speech which engrossed her supporters and was followed by roaring applause.  In her speech Kessem is quoted to have said:

Her opponent, “Robert Martwick“, who Kessem claims, “supports and endorses individuals like Kim Foxx and John Arena who have repeatedly not had the backs of Chicago Police Officers.”

How, “At the end of the day my Brothers & Sisters in Blue can hold their head high because everyday we go out and serve our fellow man & woman and honor the oath we took.”

Summing up, “We must keep the momentum going and I appreciate all the support that I am receiving from my Blue Family and come November 7th, 2018 I am confident that we will be celebrating a victory!”

And if yard signs are any indicator Kessem seems to be doing well in the western part of Dunning where you can hardly go a block without seeing a Kessem yard sign.

Robert Martwick, the incumbent 19th District State Representative, will be at The Nest Bar & Eatery this week Wednesday October 17th, acting in his capacity as the 38th Ward Democratic Committeeman, to host, along with the 45th Ward Democratic Committee, Toni Preckwinkle: Cook County President & Mayoral Candidate from 7pm-9pm.