Breath Work Training Taking place at 16th District Roll Call

Cop to Yoga Founder Tiffany Seybert

October 20, 2018

Commander Looney of the 16th District is introducing a New Training Program to reduce stress.

Cops to Yoga, Peace Force is a volunteer program where local yoga instructors guide officers through Breath Work Meditation during Roll Call.

“So often officers go from a period of calmness to a high stress situation,” explains Commander Looney “it is good for them to have the tools to maintain calm.”

Tiffany Seybert, founder of Cop to Yoga, describes it as a way to, “Neutralize stress in real time.”

At the recent “Break the Silence” Walk, Tiffany led a 10 minute demonstration which appeared visually to have calmed those down who were participating, one person in attendance exclaiming, “Wow that really worked!”

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