How Many Dunning Students Attend Taft?

"Folks, I think we got duped."

Is anyone wondering how many Dunning elementary students from Bridge, Canty, Dever, and Smyser will be able to attend the new Dunning, 1200-seat school if it’s a Taft Freshmen Academy? 
To figure out how many, first let’s take out the (271) Academic Center (AC) students attending Taft on the 20th school day in 2017-18. This, since CPS didn’t provide where these students went to elementary school before enrolling at Taft for their AC. 
Based on past enrollment numbers and rounded down, 270 of 1200 seats will be taken by Taft AC students, leaving 930 seats for freshmen.
If the past enrollment numbers for those four Dunning schools feeding into Taft are any indication, you’re looking at anywhere from 12%-14.7% or 118-132 of the 930 available freshmen seats will be for Dunning and 38th ward residents. This means anywhere from 817-836 students will be attending the academy from outside the 38th ward.
We were told by politicians this will be a NEW school for Dunning and 38th Ward residents. The politicians were kind of right. But, what they failed to tell us is the new school will be more for the residents of the 41st and other wards in the city then it will be a 38th ward and Dunning residents’ school. 
And, if someone says the numbers are askew because of the amount of private school students attending Taft for freshmen year, that just ain’t so!
On average, only 60 private schools students enroll at Taft each year for freshmen year

Folks, I think we got duped.

-Contributed by the Dunning Community Writer’s Club

Stats reviewed by Dunning News Staff.

Source(s): Statistical data obtained via CPS FOIA Request: