Inaugural “Break the Silence” Walk for Domestic Violence – Portage Park

Break the Silence Walk in Portage Park

Domestic Violence Committee Raises Awarness

Saturday, October 20th, 2018 – Portage Park

A consistent breeze cools a purple procession as they march around Portage Park. 

The clatter of hand-held noisemakers, “click-clacking” can be heard as this purple mob ascends up the block raising a banner bearing the phrase, “Break the Silence.”

“There are many Domestic Violence incidents,” explains Commander Looney of the 16th District Police Department, “This walk along with “Purple Up the Parks” are events hosted by the 16th District Subcommittee to raise awareness.”

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Before the 1970s, officers considered domestic violence a “family matter,” suggesting that the abuser “cool down” or “take a walk.” Later on there was a change in attitude that deemed domestic abuse a serious crime against “an individual and society.”

“Every 9 seconds a woman is beaten,” says Sergeant Agnew quoting a statistic from the Partnership Against Domestic Violence. “Every district has a Domestic Violence Liaison Officer who reviews all domestic violence reports and offers the victims resources.”

“One of the best resources is the Domestic Violence Hotline. If you do not want to call the police and get the police involved call them at 877.863.6338.” Sgt. Agnew stresses, “there are many resources available for women in need, such as access to a shelter, financial assistance, to boarding for your pets, but you need to make the first step and call.”

The event was sponsored by the 16th District Police Department, the Chicago Park District, and 36th Ward Alderman Gilbert Villegas.




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