New Art Installation “Rolled Out” This Coming Garbage Day

Photo from Arts Alive Chicago

Sposato & Arts Alive Chicago Brighten Up City Trash Cans

Keep yours eyes open this coming garbage day as a new art installation is being rolled out in Dunning!

Literally Rolled OUT!

The Group Arts Alive Chicago, responsible for multiple art installations all over the City of Chicago, has been working with the 38th Ward Alderman, Nicholas Sposato, for the last year to bring this project to fruition.

In 2017, Mayor Emanuel unveiled the “50×50 Neighborhood Arts Project.”

Per the mayor’s press release, “The City of Chicago has commissioned dozens of local artists to create new sculptures, murals and other public artworks in all 50 wards this summer and fall—representing a $1 million investment in artist-led community projects.”

Now while the 38th Ward was not listed on the list of aldermen and wards taking part, there was a $10,000 line item on the 2017 38th Ward Menu designated as the “Neighborhood Art Program.” Dunning News reached out to the Finance Dept. about the line item, but no one could explain what it was for…

Well, now we know:

Artists Carma Park and Sara Peak Convery are named “among others” in a post by the Facebook page Arts Alive Chicago for having composed a total of 4 images selected to adorn cans at random in the 38th Ward.


While Alderman Sposato cited a lack of volunteer artists and no apparent space to affix a more traditional large-scale viaduct mural, other area individuals looked for walls on the sides of Dunning buildings to adorn with murals. They had no success due to uninterested business owners.

Hence, the new 38th Ward “Canned Art.” It is exciting to see public art in the streets of Dunning, a benefit the rest of the city has had for years.

We reached out to the Alderman but they have yet call back to comment.

(All photographs are from Arts Alive Chicago Facebook Page)


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