Toni Preckwinkle – Speaks in Dunning

Toni Preckwinkle at The Nest Bar & Eatery in Dunning Community

Mayoral Candidate Toni lays it all out, this week in Dunning

Wednesday, October17th

The room was full of anticipation.  Lots of old faces and a few new faces at The Nest Bar & Eatery where the 38th Ward Democratic Committeeman and 45th Ward Committeeman hosted “An Evening With Toni Preckwinkle.”

In an election with 16-17 candidates in the race, if you ask most people, it is too early to tell whom they will support, that is not the case for the 38th and 45th Ward Committeemen.

Robert Martwick, 19th District State Representative, acting in the capacity as 38th Ward Democratic Committeeman already knows whom he is supporting for mayor, Toni Preckwinkle:

He said, “In the course of 4-6 years the city of Chicago will face [significant] financial problems, we need someone with experience, the track record, and the courage. Toni has the Courage to balance the books.”

John Arena, 45th Ward Alderman, acting in the capacity of 45th Ward Committeeman, a visitor to Dunning said he was, “Happy to Partner with the 38th Ward in bringing a High Profile Candidate to the far northwest side, making her accessible to voters.”

Then all of the sudden the sound in the room went from a loud chatter to a low hum, the sliding door in the rear of the room closed, it was time, Toni must be here, or at least close.

A political operator began to announce all the candidates in the room, passed the microphone to Martwick who welcomed, “TONI PRECKWINKLE!”

The room broke out into a roar of applause as Toni, dressed in a robin eggs blue blazer, B-lined to the stage.

She began her speech by acknowledging Alderman Arena for being a member of the progressive caucus, stating “Being a member of the progressive caucus is like banging your head against the wall” going on to praise him for his support of affordable housing.  Toni then went on to explain the need for affordable housing all over the city, not just in the south or west sides.

She then went on to recognize Representative Martwick for his assistance down in Springfield. 

She described her work for the county where she pushed for criminal justice reform legislation, particularly around juvenile justice system. One piece of legislation in particular raising the age to 18 for when children inmates are transferred from the juvenile system, which focuses on rehabilitation, to the adult system, which focuses on punishment.

Next topic was the county healthcare system which was lauded for the number of uninsured and under-insured patients the system of 76 hospitals serve in cook county.

This led into an education talk where, Toni reminded everyone that she served 10 years as a teacher and called for applause in support of teachers. She argued, “It is hard to have a strong neighborhood without having good neighborhood schools,” saying her focus will be “laserlike.”

Toni commended Rob Martwick on his work pursuing an elected school board, “Rob convinced me that an Elected School Board is what we need.”

She Summed up the evening by blasting the Trump administration for going into court and saying Chicago does not need a “Consent Decree” applauding the States Attorney and the City of Chicago for coming to an agreement and adding to the budget monies for more training for police officers and increasing the supervision ratio of patrolmen to sergeants, opining, “It is hard to have proper policing without proper supervision.”

The Candidate then discussed the importance of having better relationships between communities and the police, “if people do not have confidence in the police they will begin taking the law into their own hands,” saying that “having more professional police and supervision is not enough, that the community needs to be engaged in keeping their own communities safe.”  She credits the success of decades past to a more “Robust” community policing initiative which has since fallen by the waste-side.

She wrapped up by thanking the Alderman and Representative and was thankful for everyone coming out.


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