Steinmetz College Prep is Making Moves.

“Contribution by Members of Steinmetz Community”

Steinmetz is making moves. The type of moves that make people take notice. Steinmetz College Prep is providing a college level education with state of the art facilities. Steinmetz is serving its community as a scholastic center, an area resource and a place of neighborhood pride. 

Steinmetz has been an IB World School for over 20 years. Steinmetz offers a “wall to wall” MYP curriculum for all of its freshmen and sophomores. It also offers the prestigious IB diploma program to juniors and seniors. Steinmetz is also now an official S.T.E.A.M. school.  STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. In addition, we also offer a dual credit program with universities and colleges. Steinmetz also proudly carries our award winning JROTC program which has been recognized as an honor unit with distinction, earning one of the highest scores in the city. The JROTC program provides weekend training, summer camp, international trips to historical sights, college tours, archery, and other team building opportunities for our students. Over the last 4 years, STEINMETZ has averaged $10 million a year in scholarships. 

Steinmetz has been awarded the Community Schools Initiative Grant ($500K a year) which has allowed the school to not just do what’s best for its students, but help out the entire community as a whole. Along with Parent University and our on-site Medical Clinic, we’ve also invested in creative spaces that promote self expression and voice through a Mac computer labs, music recording studio stocked with instruments and all the essential gear to create masterpieces, and a state of the art e-gaming center.

One of the main highlights which everybody keeps talking about is the brand new front campus. Steinmetz has become a distinguished landmark. Highlighted by a new turf field that serves as home to the football and soccer teams. In addition, we have a complete track and field facility. The brand new baseball and softball fields are in a class of their own. With natural grass and an outfield fence, both fields are looking majestic. 

Steinmetz has upgraded in many ways. The upgrades are not just physical but also ideological. We have focused on changing our way of thinking about students, parents, and community. We are creating a culture of celebrating success and a feeling of pride that was not present before. We are focused as a community around our core values and what it means to be a STREAK (Strong, Talented, Resilient, Empowered, Ambitious, Knowledgeable). We have partnered with the community to create the village that it takes to raise a child. We are building a better world, changing hearts, and changing minds. Steinmetz will continue to change for the better, adjust for what’s needed and strive to stay “THE PRIDE OF THE NORTHWEST SIDE.”