Community Rallies Behind 16th District Officers for Thanksgiving

Neighbors Bring Thanksgiving Dinners to 16th District Police Dept

November 27, 2020

16th District residents all pitched in to bring Thanksgiving Dinners to all 3 shifts.

Facebook Post from John Garrido:

Our First Responders work the holidays to keep our community safe.

Although never expected, it is very much appreciated when our community comes together to support them.
 On Thanksgiving 2020, the16th District Chicago Police Department was once again supported by a community that repeatedly steps up for our officers.

Laura Geisheker partnered up with Jason Quaglia and Freddy Pecoraro (Sicilia Bakery Chicago 5939 W Lawrence ave) and Eli’s Cheesecake Company and Residents of the 16th District community to provide Thanksgiving Dinners for all 3 shifts.

And over the last 2 days, Cezar & Eva Jakubowski and their team from Shop & Save Market & Milwaukee stepped up to provide Thanksgiving Dinners to our officers around the clock as well.

Once again our Officers couldn’t be more appreciative of the strong support they get from 16th District Residents; a First Responder/Community partnership like no other in the city.
 From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!”

-John Garrido